Development & Design

Effectively engaging members, customers, or clients is essential to every business. Your online presence is key to informing and interacting with your community, and we provide full service web, mobile, and app development and design.


Delivering content and information to your community and target audience is a necessity in order to cultivate engagement. Choosing the correct platform for your website is a crucial decision and influenced by your business needs. CrowdCG specializes in the installation, setup, and maintenance of the Drupal and WordPress content management systems.


With more and more individuals taking the web into their hands, a mobile-ready website or application is key to ensuring that your content reaches your community wherever and whenever they are looking for it. CrowdCG believes in designing and developing responsive websites, which are able to adjust based on the device accessing them. Additionally, CrowdCG can help you develop native iOS and Android applications.

Why Drupal


Drupal is an extremely powerful CMS platform, which allows for extensive customization and data processing. With the release of Drupal 7, many of the implementation and maintenance challenges from the previous version were resolved. Drupal 7 is starting to gain momentum and the most useful modules that add functionality and performance to the platform have now been updated to work with the latest release. Additionally, Acquia, the company formed to further expanding the implementation of Drupal, has in the past couple of years built a number of services that make working with Drupal less complex. These services include cloud hosting and management, which remove a lot of the back-end maintenance necessary with the Platform. If you are looking for an extremely flexible and powerful CMS then Drupal may be right for your organization.

Why WordPress

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbWordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly CMS platforms. It currently hosts over half of the 74 million sites via, while the remaining are self-hosted by organizations who have downloaded and installed the platform. Managing a site built on WordPress is simple and there are so many plugins to extend its functionality. However, our experience is that WordPress is a great option for organizations that do not require heavy data processing. It provides users with a great experience can be greatly customized with a little knowledge of PHP and CSS. If you are looking for a simple to install and manage CMS then WordPress might be the right fit for your organization.