Community Engagement

The core for any membership organization or niche brand is to constantly and effectively engage your community. This of course is a multi-faceted undertaking and requires an in-depth understanding of your audiences key engagement preferences. CrowdCG assists organizations large and small to plan and implement effective community engagement campaigns.


The first step to any successful campaign is in planning. CrowdCG will perform a comprehensive assessment of audience tendencies, business objectives, and analytics data, in order to identify areas for greatest return in terms of engagement.


Once clear goals and objectives have been identified the next element is to put the plan into action. CrowdCG offers full and partial service in regards to implementation. Whether your organization wants CrowdCG to handle all aspects of a campaign or just provide guidance for current staff, we are happy to accommodate your needs and budget. Depending on the campaign plan, several tools will be utilized to deliver and track each component to ensure optimal responses.


CrowdCG also offers on site and remote training for staff to learn how to implement the various components of any community engagement campaign. Trainings offered include Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Metrics Analysis.