Our Approach

Phase 1 – Needs Assessment

CrowdCG conducts a comprehensive review of current strategies, metrics, and attitudes to identify opportunities for successful short- and long-term community engagement campaigns. The needs assessment process utilizes a mix of interviews with key personnel, community surveys and/or focus groups, as well as a comprehensive look at current practices. Upon completion of the needs assessment a report is produced with key recommendations.

Phase 2 – Goal Setting

The key recommendations from the needs assessment are used to determine the specific goals of the strategy, including tactics, timelines, and resources. Once the goals are finalized the strategy will be put into action.

Phase 3 – Strategy Implementation

Although CrowdCG offers full management of any strategy implementation, organizations can also choose to implement it on their own or in tandem with CrowdCG. A critical part of the goals discussion is deciding which management structure your organization can support. This is why CrowdCG offers training to teams and also a transitional management structure to accommodate the individual needs of each organization.

Phase 4 – Response Measurement

Throughout the implementation step CrowdCG will provide interim reports and make strategic adjustments to capitalize on community engagement trends. For instance if we see that there is a significant spike in discussion regarding a certain topic, we will recommend that you start tangent discussions around specific issues regarding the topic. This will ensure that the largest number of community members stay engaged beyond the initial discussion. Reacting to trends such as this are critical to long-term campaign success. Additionally at milestones during the timeline, CrowdCG will produce key reports and recommendations for ongoing engagement.  All of these services are of course up to the organization, which can take the interim measurement upon themselves either wholly or partially.