About Us

CrowdCG is a full service development and design shop, that focuses on helping non-profits, membership organizations, niche brands, social movements, and small businesses cultivate engaging online experiences and communities. We help our clients reach their audience across all devices and platforms by providing a consistent brand experience. In addition to our development and design services,  we offer strategic planning, implementation, and training for effective social media, email, and content marketing campaigns.

Sean T. Walsh

Sean has extensive experience dealing with the intersection of community and technology. Prior to starting Crowd Communications Group, he was responsible for web strategy, email marketing, and digital communications for two medical education organizations. In his roles at these companies, Sean oversaw the development and design of over two dozen web properties and the marketing and delivery of hundreds of courses. He also was responsible for managing complex email marketing strategies for various brands.

In 2012, Sean co-founded Crowd Communications Group to help organizations improve their digital strategies and grow their online communities. He develops custom web solutions using the Drupal and WordPress content management systems and consults on email marketing and community engagement strategy.

Sean is an active member of the New Jersey Drupal and WordPress communities. He is always looking for new opportunities to learn about new technologies and share his experiences.

Jessica L. Bladon

Jessica co-founded Crowd Communications Group in 2012. Prior to coming on board full-time, she worked as the head teacher at a private pre-school. She brings her years of experience of planning curriculum and providing high-level customer service, as well as her design eye, to Crowd Communications Group.

Jessica’s focus is supporting our existing clients with their various needs and growing our organization through her business development, marketing, and financial responsibilities.

She is an active member of the New Jersey and New York Drupal communities and enjoys the thrill of learning new ways to help improve client experiences with technology solutions.